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As it's well known it's becoming one of the fastest growing social networks on the web and is currently ranked the 3 rd largest web 2 social site on the net creating a worldwide buzz.
If you're a business or a social tweeter then twitterbuzz is for you, by using this unique free software tool you'll be able to schedule your tweets on auto pilot without having to continuously log onto twitter.

Twitter has many advantages if harnessed in the correct fashion and if you browse this site you'll find loads of information on the unique advantages of using twitter in the business and marketing circle.
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Here's What This Twitter Scheduler Tool  Does: 

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Manage your Twitter postings and schedule multiple posts in just seconds easily!

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Set the time, edit and import messages in just a few clicks of a button

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Think about the time saved on making changes without having to log into Twitter!

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Twitter marketing made easy because you can track your tweets through one software

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Gain rapid exposure through Twitter without having to physically be involved in tweeting all day! 

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It automatically submits your messages to Twitter while you focus on more pressing matters

Twitter is here to stay and when you realize what a few hundred followers can do for your business it may change the way you think.

Fortune 500 companies are tweeting all day long not to mention the Hollywood stars

For webmasters its a dream come true, your site will be literally indexed at warp speed considering the page rank twitter has,  simple tweet your website Url and your in business.

For the social and business tweeter, twitterbuzz is a dream come true

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